樱花动漫中英文例句欣赏Cherry Blossom Animation

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樱花中英文例句欣赏 Cherry blossoms
The cherry blossom came out early in Washington this year.
They all went to enjoy the cherry blossoms.
The oriental cherry is in full blossom.
The cherry blossoms that we planted during the conference bloomed this April.
To me you are good scenes, like cherry blossoms in full the world.
To me this image exactly depicts the life of a Cherry Blossom.
The cherry blossoms burst forth in all their beauty.
Tokyo’s cherry blossom with Paris floating free mood some miss.
Japanese: I’m Japanese. I love cherry blossoms.
You were the one under the cherry blossoms.
Yes, I come here to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Japanese poets have great affection for plum blossom and oriental cherry.
Tokyo’s cherry blossoms, we have sold one side.
This is an early blooming Cherry Blossom shot in Nagoya, Japan.
Cherry blossom, I love! It’s also Grandma’s favourite!
Today, I went to see the cherry blossoms in the shrine near my home.
You can see cherry blossoms in tokyo.
How is this a sakura?
It looks best in spring, when the plum and cherry blossoms are out.
Now it’s the season for cherry blossoms.
Cherry Blossom Green Tea ( Loose Leaf Tea): A subtle blend of mellow Japanese Sencha with Sakura.
I was standing under a big cherry blossom tree.
Did you go anywhere to see the cherry blossoms?
Our blend features Silver Needle, highest quality white tea, with Sakura.
Pink cherry blossom and peach blossom, set off by the green forest!
The cherry blossom is a symbol of japan.
On a cold spring morning I endeavored to capture the feeling of what the Cherry Blossoms held for visitors.
If you go there in spring, you are sure to see the beautiful flowers-cherry blossom.
It’s a salmon found only in Taiwan.
I certainly know that, but I just want to see this year’s sakura now!
The children pick up the petals there, hold them up and toss them up gently. The cherry blossoms are flying in the air like beautiful butterflies.
Yunhua, the cherry forest we met unexpectedly, is now drizzling again. Cherry blossoms fade in the rain, not just tears. Petals are numerous, floating silently with the wind, drowning not only the confused eyes, but also the wet mood. For a long time, people stood there as stiff as dead wood.
When approaching the time of cherry blossom and passing under the cherry tree, people always look at the branches of the cherry tree with full expectation. Experienced such a mood, whenever the cherry branches full of buds blooming pistils, or white or pink petals for the street dyed with a new layer of makeup, walking in the streets are relaxed and happy.
It’s spring now. It’s the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Looking from afar, trees are flourishing, like snow is better than snow. Layers of layers of dense eyes are about to bend the branches. The golden sun is projected on the thin, light and transparent petals, which seem white? Or pink? The afternoon wind blows slowly, the cherry falls like rain, dancing a silent dance like broken gold in front of me.
Cherry blossom is a beautiful flower. Between spring and summer, the flowers are very beautiful. The snow-white petals are slightly silky pink. The golden stamens are clustered together like golden thread. The flowers are so delicate. They open lovely faces in the breeze and look so lively.
The cherry blossoms in March have opened quietly, in full swing, and are extremely beautiful. Green branches and leaves, covered with early morning dew, shine in the sun’s loving light. Cherry blossom forest full of trees gives out a sweet smell. From a distance, as dazzling as clouds and clouds, from time to time, a colorful butterfly circles around the flowers, flowers cover butterflies, butterflies love flowers, two kinds of scenery into one, often fascinated by clinging to arms lying on the branches of the dark intoxication.
As we approached, we saw that a thin layer of white petals had been laid on the ground. It’s like the sadness of the broken ground, the loneliness of the sleeping ground, the light and powerless, the pallor and entanglement. Cherry blossom in the wind can show her style, so charming, charming, lovely.
When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the news of flowers is flooding in, every household opens its windows and receives the flowers when it is drying quilts. Then the whole country went wild and everyone sang the cherry blossom song together.
At this time, Kyoto became an ocean of cherry blossoms. Birds fly up from trees, and their wings flutter and drop petals. When people walk under trees, their shoulders bump and drop petals. Tourist, tourist, flower-watching, pot-carrying, camera-backed, different people have different expressions.
A man stood under the cherry tree, looking up and gazing. Suddenly I saw the petals flying all over the sky, accompanied by the sound of something broken.
Entering the “Cherry Blossom Avenue” in March, every cherry tree is covered with “flower fairies” of all sizes. Some have just stood firm, some have planted themselves on the branches, some are still bright, but they are already weak and weatherless.
In addition, there are pale yellow tulip cherries, Sakura with drooping branches, cherries on the other side which blossom the earliest in the spring equinox season, and cherries with more than 300 petals… Overlapping and competing
His skin is as beautiful as the cherry blossoms in the yard, his eyes are like black agate, his black hair is silky, his shirt is a bit worn out, but he still wears a kind of prince-like dignity.
Cherry blossoms are blooming. I want to keep March, the beautiful season of cherry blossoms blooming in March, the autumn blossoms blooming and a beautiful story. I know that spring and autumn come, flowers blossom and fall, and the dead will not live forever, but life will continue.
Cherry blossoms in the rain, but when we are not careful, tranquility becomes a profound commemoration. Yes, in the days of Loka Mountain, when we are the luckiest time, with the purest wishes, the melody of loneliness and sadness is the wings of cherry blossoms.
The darker the road is, the thicker the color is. I am already in the sea of flowers. The cherry trees in this sea of flowers, some like summer evening fire clouds, bright colors, dazzling; some like early autumn morning confused morning fog, vague, illusory. Sometimes it is like a transparent foam in the laundry basin of a riverside, crystal sparkling, sometimes softer than the willow catkins. These flowers blossom quietly when people don’t want to, showing a brilliant naughty smiling face; immediately shy and charming, tender and charming, giving people endless gentleness and temptation.
Cherry blossoms also have many colors, but they are mainly divided into red and white. White cherry blossoms are white as snow, giving people the beauty of purity; red cherry blossoms are deep red, light red and pink. People often see pink cherry blossoms, whose flowers are like girls’blushing faces, giving people the beauty of youth and romance.
Unblooming cherry blossom babies, like balloons about to explode, look lovely.
The cherry tree blossoms white cherry blossoms. The branches are dotted with stars. There are several buds in bud. In a pink cherry tree, it looks so pure and flawless.
I know she will leave soon, so I will say goodbye to her reluctantly. But I will see her again next spring, beautiful cherry blossoms. If carrying humiliation and dreams, this season will be over again. Although leaving has some desolate meaning, but thanks to the cherry blossoms brilliant and beautiful, like a very young. I’m satisfied when I see it.


动漫中英文例句欣赏 Anime examples
Animation has stopped being eye-candy for kids and geeks and become mainstream entertainment.
China’s animation industry to develop, the most important in the creative.
The same day, also held animation and game industry forum.
China’s animation industry is now also in this stage, this is not a bad thing.
This is an animation of the world can experience the place.
In the animation world, a world to be the best embodiment.
Animation industry is the focus of China’s cultural industry development projects.
I like to have more independent-minded ideals of the cartoon characters and struggle.
Animation Weekly: What brought this exhibit products, hope and animation Mainland enterprises which co-operation?
State the main support outstanding animation quality engineering and excellent animation animation and creative products.
China’s animation industry in the early stages of development, does the accumulation requirements.
Now the summer holidays, and is particularly looking forward to the animation section.
How to attract more first-class artists in the animation art, should we need to study a topic.
This became the Yantai to build their own professional brand animation festival has set a distinctive flag.
Meanwhile, China’s animation industry there is a lack of original issue.
Animation is not only to see the children, and other literary works can be as wide audience.
I also loved anime, and it made me want to be on TV!
To promote the animation industry, Guangdong Province, which policy measures introduced in recent years?
Subsequently, his research group and business representatives in the animation entertainment industry associations Panyu held a meeting.
Based on the strong support of national and local, Chinese animation companies have sprung up.
Moreover, growth in the animation business, the business also achieved “ahead of the intervention” service.
Survival of the fittest in the market is the best mode of development of Chinese animation.
Lack of good animation industry works, especially the lack of a good planning and innovative animation.
In addition, the Fuzhou Government’s policy to support the animation industry, the company also benefited.
With the popularization of Internet, ChineseCG Industry gets a chance to develop rapidliy.
But must also note that China’s huge animation market has attracted many outsiders coveted.
Government support, Fuzhou, animation and game industry to grow.
To overcome this difficulty, the state issued a series of measures to support the animation industry.
Animation business in2011 identified the province is also under way.
Animation industry is creative, production, operation, broadcast, derivatives, etc.a complete industrial chain.