Bilibili Barrage video network , B station

Bilibili is a leading young cultural community in China. It was founded in June 26, 2009 and is called “B station” by fans. Abbreviation: bibi、bili、blibli. According to the 2017 Q2 summer report on mobile Internet, published by QuestMobile, a data company, B stands at the top of the ten APP top 24 years old and younger users. At the same time, at Baidu In the 2016 hot search list released, B ranked first in the 00 top ten fresh focus APP. In March 2017, B established the “national innovation” area, which is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of domestic original animation. As of April 2018, the amount of domestic original animation has reached 1 billion 800 million.

Bilibili B station picture

The feature of the B station is the real-time review function suspended above the video, which lovers call it “barrage”. This unique video experience allows the Internet based barrage to transcend time and space restrictions, build a wonderful synchronic relationship, form a virtual tribal atmosphere, and make B stations become highly interactive sharing and The two created cultural community. B station is also one of the birthplaces of many popular Internet words.
By the fourth quarter of 2017, the monthly active users of beep beep were 71 million 800 thousand, the daily use of users was 76.3 minutes, and the retention rate of official members over twelfth months was over 79%. 81.7% of the users are young people born in 1990-2009 years. They are called “Generation Z” (Z generation) in China’s prospectus.
B station has animation, drama, national creation, music, dance, games, technology, life, ghost livestock, entertainment, fashion and other content zoning. 85.5% video playback comes from Professional User Generated Video (PUGV).
In March 28, 2018, B stood on NASDAQ.
In order to further strengthen the supervision of the network culture market, the Ministry of culture and tourism will organize the centralized law enforcement examination in recent years, and carry out a comprehensive examination of 27 main network animation and network music management units.
According to the introduction, “bilibili”, “kuaikanmanhua” and other websites are included in the list of inspection objects. The Ministry of culture and tourism will focus on examining the Internet animation and Internet music products that contain obscene pornography, advocating violence, instigating crime, and violating social ethics. Once a cyber cultural product containing prohibited contents is found, the Ministry of culture and tourism will investigate and deal with it from a fast pace and publish the results of the investigation in a timely manner.
At the same time, the Ministry of culture and tourism also announced the network culture market centralized law enforcement inspection and reporting telephone 010-59881010, welcoming the public to the illegal network animation, network music business units to report supervision.
According to other reports, in view of the previous media exposure of the web site to provide popular network animation products containing vulgar content, the Ministry of culture and tourism required 11 major network animation business units to strengthen the content self trial, self-examination cleaning up, offline network animation products, currently suspected of illegal animation video 977, 167 Comics .
In the face of the low and vulgar content of the blind area of the supervision, and the trend of constant resurgence, what the parents should do! Some of the viable ideas are supported by the parents – do not work after the bystander, and guard the child to take the initiative.
First of all, attention should be paid to children’s Internet trends. Cyberspace is indeed a big dye pot, with good and bad intercourse, but it can not be killed by a single pole, otherwise it will push the young people to the extreme of treason. By using some software, parents can monitor the Internet path of teenagers, master what websites and focus on what the children often do, and can take the initiative to avoid risk content in time. It also helps to deepen the communication between parents and children.
The Gray box can provide children with detailed online reports, but also limit the use time of software.
The second, the second, strict planning and supervision network and rest, not to foster! A lot of families will give children the Internet rules, a few points can play, how long can play clear, but the adult is not at home, or the child with the mobile phone, all the rules are empty talk. To this, can also be solved through the green control software, like the Gray box set up the “unavailable time” of the child’s cell phone, the point will lock the screen strictly to ensure that the child is not in the state of support.
Third, to deal with technology cancer, we must use more advanced technology. AI and cloud technology are playing a powerful role in dealing with the unhealthy content of spring breeze. Such as Gray’s box comprehensive web site cloud technology, will automatically filter nearly 500 million bad websites; lead AI off-line yellowing, can unregularly detect the screen of children’s mobile phone screen, isolate the Yellow gambling and violence information, protect the physical and mental health of young people, and win a wide range of praise in the process of the use of many parents.
It is foreseeable that the B station event will not be the key point of the network bad content problem, the security has rounded the alarm clock, the net network needs the action of all sides, the parents can never relax the vigilance, should take the initiative to participate, choose the scientific method, and create the net space for the young people.