NGA World of Warcraft forum Azeroth National Geography

NGA is an abbreviated English abbreviation of “Azeroth National Geography” in a Chinese comprehensive game community. It is a community of wow players. It is the only World of Warcraft thematic network in China to discuss, share the heart of the wow, query the game database and the ranking of hundreds of thousands of World of Warcraft players. At present, NGA is the 178 column. When NGA refers to “Ai Ze Lars’s National Geography”, its homonym is “en Kei”.

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Ai Ze Lars’s national geography is a gathering place for World of Warcraft enthusiasts in China. Since its establishment in 2002, NGA has changed from a professional World of Warcraft forum to a World of Warcraft dominated and integrated game forum in all fields.
1, from the World of Warcraft American test began to play people, should not know World of Warcraft Chinese website – Ai Ze Lars national geography, since the birth of the World of Warcraft, it is still in the infancy it has received the attention of the world’s monster animal FANS, in addition to a small number of players from the official English network of WOW At the station, most of the wow fans can only find a little bit of introduction and information about the beasts from the only Warcraft Chinese station at that time: Azeroth National Geography.
For people who are unfamiliar with wow, the site is 10 and eighteen thousand miles from the name of the monster, and the geographic station of a small African country is absolutely believed. However, anyone who knows the Warcraft will feel heartfelt kindness: This is the kingdom of Warcraft FANS.
2, Azeroth’s national geography has taken shape since the beginning of 2002, and after many changes, it began in November 2002. At present, there are about 300 thousand IP visits per day, about 2000000 PageView, and 90 thousand registered users.
The number of registered members reached 572453, the forum theme posts 455526, the total number of Posts 9435196, the average daily PV reached 5 million people, the highest number of online people reached about 47000, the average weekly audit of 10 thousand people to join;
3. Azeroth’s National Geographic is not an official website. The location of lovers’ sites is quite different from that of official websites. The news on the website is basically the proven World of Warcraft related news from all over the world, and the content of the message is mainly focused on the forum and the database.
4. At present, Azeroth national geography has added Diablo III, Warhammer 40K, DOTA, hero alliance, and the hero biography of the new World of Warcraft Forum on the basis of the original forum block. At the same time, because of the excessive delay in World of Warcraft’s continuing version of the version in the mainland, the most open forum of the forum of the forum has been basically transformed into a cat’s putter comprehensive block. The forum has opened up the “National Geographic elite parliament” section as a World of Warcraft strategy and information area to replace the functions of the former Office of Ai Ze Lars.
5.NGA has expanded the new web site 178.COM (and the corresponding company). The main role is to develop a variety of game related sites and communities, and to support the development of WOW or NGA related web site products, as well as to expand other games’ special sites / communities (such as the StarCraft II thematic station SC2.CC), and NGA will still focus on Wo W this field.