Remote desktop software TeamViewer, connecting the artifact

A lot of friends will first think of QQ remote, but some friends will find that QQ remote control is unstable, and it is easy to die, and it is not so smooth to use. Today, we recommend a simple, easy to use, very fluent remote software TeamViewer, which is a whole world. Famous remote software, many large companies, such as Microsoft and PHILPS, are using this remote software. TeamViewer has long been dominant in the long distance industry, and no other software can match TeamViewer.


TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing, and file transfer, which can run across any firewall and NAT agents. To connect to another computer, you only need to run TeamViewer on two computers without installation process. At the first boot, the partner ID is automatically generated on both computers, and the connection is immediately established by entering the partner ID in the Team Viewer. TeamViewer is a standard tool that has tens of thousands of users around the world. It provides support and help to people in remote areas. In addition, you can also use this program to demonstrate that you can show your partner your own desktop. This application is also VNC compatible, providing security, encrypted data transmission and maximum security.

Introduction to new functions of TeamViewer
TeamViewer Visual File Transfer: Optimize your workflow and save time setting and managing secure file transfers between devices. Get clear information on which files are being transmitted to and monitor progress. Access the nearest folder to quickly find the required files, queue multiple file heaps for transmission, and view the progress of the transfer in the upgraded UI.
TeamViewer important asset management: more effectively carrying out key maintenance or upgrading tasks. Find and act quickly on devices that meet your task requirements without taking the time to remotely process each device you manage. View the computer name, operating system, processor, and RAM of each allocated device in the admin console without establishing a remote connection.
TeamViewer automates service case assignment: Save time to assign service requests to your team so that the right people can start important tasks immediately. Predefine the service case distributor in your custom module. New service requests of custom modules will be automatically allocated to these users.
TeamViewer recent connection: quickly reconnect the device you recently interacted with, without having to search again. Use the Nearest Connections group at the top of the Computer and Contacts list to start remote control, file transfer, or online conference connections.
TeamViewer extends the remote device dashboard: You can save more time to get the information you need about the device during a remote connection. Quickly identify any potential problems and solve them. Check for information about runtime, serial number, hard drive status, battery power (and whether to plug in power), and BIOS version and date.
TeamViewer hardware acceleration: get more speed from your hardware. Enhance TeamViewer’s remote control performance while reducing CPU load. Use your graphics card (GPU) to handle image zooming connected to remote desktop connections to devices with different screen resolutions from your local computer.