新年快乐英文 Happy New Year English

2019年新年快乐祝福语 英文,Happy New Year’s greetings for 2019 English.


Happy New Year to you.
I wish you a happy New Year!
I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wish you and your mother have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
All the family join me in wishing you a happy New Year.
For a long time, today I can say to you: happy New Year.
Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!
Happy new year from my heart!
Good luck, and Happy New Year!
We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, cheers!
Much love and best wishes for a happy New Year!
Wish My Relatives and Friends Merry Christmas!
Have a Happy New Year!
Happy new year and give my best wishes to you.
Firstly, I wish all the clients a happy and healthy new year.
I guess I better go find my mom and wish her a happy new year.
I gave the yo: happy New Year!
I wish all the students and teachers a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year!
Yesterday with you forgot to say Happy New Year, I wish all a Happy New Year to all!
Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every way.
We wish you a mer-ry christ-mas, and a hap-py new year!
Happy Chinese New Year too! 摘自春暖花开51214.com
May our company wish you and your staff a merry Christmas and a successful New Year.
In this gas Zhixiang the season, we position the flowers blessing-Happy New Year!
Send you a lavender, wish you happy New Year!
Our staff here join me in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Wishing you an extremely happy new year and have a nice holiday.
On the occasion of the new year, wishing you a happy new year and your study greater success.
Let’s all make that our New Year’s resolution-and I wish you a very Happy New Year!
The big dinner is on the table, full of sour, spicy and sweet flavor, bright red sauce, pleasant mood, steaming auspicious and happy long, fried wealth and prosperous wealth, boiled safely and healthy, sauce stewed romantic love fragrance, cool sauce refreshing and pleasant drop. I wish my friends a happy New Year’s Eve and good luck!
New Year’s Eve dinner, happy reunion, firecrackers sound to ensure safety; close feelings, heart connected, happy year is a year; fame and fortune, fortune, everything goes as one wishes; Qiongjiang wine, happy banquet, happy life with a smile. Message company, blessings, good wishes are boundless.
The end of the year is not the end, New Year’s Day is not only the beginning, experience needs to be summarized, mood needs to be stretched, the success of 2018 we laugh away, the brilliance of 2019 we continue to run, with a mood towards the goal, with an effort to achieve the goal, with a spirit beyond the goal, I hope our company will be better and better.
At the end of the year, look back on the year, sum up the gains and losses, recall the good, improve the shortcomings, face the future, look forward to brilliance! Best wishes to friends, 2019, good health and good luck!
Take a picture of yesterday’s dust, look at the sunrise today, wipe the sweat of the past, count today’s banknotes, think about the previous fatigue, taste the sweetness of the end of the year, harvest a year, satisfaction a year, happy a year, happy a year, beautiful scenery every year, true feelings everywhere, also see you whip, Mercedes-Benz everywhere!
Abandon sorrow, worry and unhappiness for the New Year; Welcome happiness, health and happiness for all to come home; New spring, new expectations, to write new brilliance in the new year.
When the Spring Festival comes, I send the leading apple and jujube. Banana, chestnut, grapefruit, do not dislike the inferior stingy cat. I wish you good health, peace and good luck in the Spring Festival. Wishing you many years of sweetness and happiness in your family.
The sound of firecrackers and fireworks were so loud that they returned home thousands of miles away. Not for dinner on New Year’s Eve, but for filial piety. Take your wife and children to see your parents and keep the family together for the rest of the year. Fill your glass with toasts to your elders and wish them longevity, happiness and well-being. Wish you a happy New Year’s Eve!
A friend’s love is love, a lover’s love is love, and a teacher’s love is great love. Although support is limited, love is silent. New Year arrives, only silent message greetings, return silent love! Happy New Year, teacher!
Friends warm wine talk, you have me warmer, friends know more happiness, friendship over the years more profound, reunion is not easy, today’s joy to do your best, I hope you summarize 2018, to 2019, harvest friendship, live success, success continues, achievements continue.
Friends say hello to you; mobile phone chat, flying letters, conveying feelings is the most important; watch fireworks, fire salutes, take family members to visit Hong Kong and Macao; watch mountains and rivers, enjoy winter scenery, happy Taotao at the beginning of the New Year. Happy New Year!
Hold a volume of books and watch the ups and downs of life; smell a fragrance of flowers and feel the beauty of life; brew a pot of tea and enjoy a moment of leisure; send a text message and a blessing. I sincerely wish you and your family a happy New Year!
Peacetime busy forgot to wish you happiness, once less in the memory of some wishes, New Year’s Eve, in my expectations, with my dependence on you, with my miss for you, friends let us in the next year, hand in hand!
Usually too busy, always forget the blessings, the Year of Pig is coming again, greetings can not hide, miss and grow, good luck to your side, wish you**the Year of Pig happy and healthy, safe and auspicious.
Everyone is responsible for the development of enterprises. May you work hand in hand with diligence in the new year to enhance your performance. Work side by side to double profits. Together with sweat, keep success. Walk with laughter and let happiness last forever.
Business is our home and development depends on everyone. Start the New Year with two hands. Grasp performance in one hand and money in the other. Be based on one’s position and innovate in tradition. Dedicated to the post, ahead of the times. Set foot on a new journey and welcome new brilliance.
It’s a busy New Year’s Spring Festival. Send off the Year of Pigs and welcome the Year of Pigs. Good luck words should be read as early as possible, and good wishes should be read in advance. Wishing you a happy New Year and a lasting happiness, a safe life and a healthy life forever! uuuuuuuuuuuuu
Thousands of hearts, I wish you a happier New Year; Thousands of hearts, I wish you a good New Year mood; Thousands of flowers, I wish you a happier New Year! Good luck and good luck in the Year of the Pig! Everything goes well!
Thousands of miles of snowflakes floated, and firecrackers were set off in every household. Eliminate filth and trouble, and clean the earth for the New Year. Happiness and happiness stay in the world, auspicious words full spring couplets. Have a happy New Year’s Eve dinner together, and raise your glasses to celebrate the New Year. Happy New Year!
Take a friend’s hand and walk well. Close your friend’s heart and have nothing to worry about. Drink your friend’s wine and make your heart beautiful! 2018 has gone, 2019, may happiness accompany you day and night, life and career are satisfactory!
It is the bell that rings, the years that pass, the stories that remain, and the hope that comes. Hope is good, send is a blessing. May my friend live a safe and happy life and always be happy! Good luck in the New Year!
Ring the New Year bell, merge into a happy song, wish you good luck. Lighting the fireworks of the New Year, blooming a brilliant smile, wish you happiness and peace. Happy New Year to 2019.
Dear, when you see this message, please believe that the goddess of fortune is smiling at you outside the window. Uncle Caishen has just stepped into your house. The boy of good fortune is floating. The Spring Festival has just passed, but happiness has just begun.
Dear, I want to express my wishes to you for the New Year through this short message, so that it can bring you warm love, sweet silk, sweet smiling face, deep expectations, and wish you a happy Spring Festival!
Dear teacher, I can’t express my gratitude in words. On this special day, let this short message bring my strong wishes to you: Happy New Year!
Every firework blossoms auspiciously; every couplet expresses wealth and wealth; every glass of wine is filled with long-term peace; a blessing, words are sincere. In the new year, I wish you all the best and everything you want to accomplish! uuuuuuuuuuu
Wine is waving in happiness, snow is dancing in romance, crowds are noisy in joy, songs are singing in joy, fireworks are blooming in auspiciousness, bells are ringing in peace, and wishes are sent in beauty: On New Year’s Eve, I wish you a happy New Year, a happy family and success in your heart!
Delicious delicacies are shared happily in joy. Jade liquid is pushed to change cups in laughter. Relatives and friends gather together in a lively, harmonious and auspicious family and friendship. Happy New Year and Happy New Year!
Dreams have been bumpy, life has been confused, years have been helpless, life has been in a hurry, happiness continued in 2018, suddenly came in 2019, leaving happiness to themselves, happiness to friends, success to continue to inherit, the future will always run.
Avoid the coming of the year, laugh together, and wish your friends good luck: small eyes with a narrow eye, ears erected to attract treasure, beard abandoned to luck, three open-mouthed happy and unfettered, skipping and jumping without trouble. Little rabbit, I’ve come to pay you New Year’s greetings
Fame is everyone’s gift, status is brother’s fight, the Spring Festival is coming, on behalf of friends on the river and lake, I wish you a happy holiday! I arranged for them to send all the messages you would receive in the coming days. I’m low-key. Don’t be polite to me!
The sounds of gongs and bells shake the sky and the ribbons dance around the Spring Festival. The fireworks set off firecrackers and the lion danced in the long rainbow. Family gathering is more joyful, laughter and joy will never disappear. I wish you a new year and a high career. Happy Spring Festival!
You are my deepest yearning, you are my endless concern, let the wind carry my blessings; let the clouds bring my greetings: I wish you a happy and happy New Year!
The Year of the Chicken will pass if you wish or not. If you want or don’t want to experience it, the new Year of the Dog will come. Believe it or not, our life will be better and better. May you live in a good mood in the Year of the Dog!
With hard work and cooperation, with hard work as partners, with hard work as friends, with the harvest shake hands, the year is approaching, I wish a new breakthrough in the new year, the road is wider and wider.
Year’s end, make a summary, little safflower, wear on your body, watch what, watch a table, not late, not early to leave, conscientiously attend meetings, diligent not to shout tired; come home from work, wash the pot and wash the dishes like love! Friends, may you work harder in the coming year to win the Ferrari!
In the first class of the year, the battle for happiness begins: holding up the colorful flag of pursuing dreams, carrying the steel gun of diligence, blowing the Golden Horn of self-confidence, carrying forward the spirit of perseverance, and winning a great breakthrough in career! I wish you: the Year of the Pig is auspicious, a good journey, smooth and prosperous, happy and*happy.
Years are always past. Emotions are always going on. Dreams are always going on. Experiences are always accumulating. Experiences are always changing. Happiness is remembering. In the past years, we stayed in the bottom of our hearts. In 2019, we rushed wholeheartedly.
At the end of the year, the mall has waged a price war, and the preparations should be adequate. The goods should be selected carefully from the three stores. Be careful not to drill the traps. Make a list before shopping, enter the mall without confusion, and use the food to transport home to celebrate the New Year.
At the end of the year, send you couplets, wish you prosperous, career step by step; send you wine, wish you happiness for a long time; send you big red envelope, wish you a smooth life, good mood, happiness will not be less!
Attention should be paid to returning home at the end of the year: things should not be carried more, mainly light; cash should not be carried more, mainly cards; people should not be crowded, mainly smooth; people should not be credulous, mainly cautious. Wish you a safe and happy home!
At the end of the year, there are so many sighs that you can’t finish speaking in two words. What worries me most is you. Have you got your luggage ready? Have you bought the train ticket yet? Don’t be touched, I just ask, I still have to do my own thing! Ha-ha.
The end of the year has come, and many things have happened. Summarize one year’s experience and continue to write next year’s plan! Dear friends, we should pay attention to our health, work happily, live healthily and enjoy the New Year comfortably.
At the end of the year, Happiness Draw. Congratulations on your winning the “Best Happiness King” Award. Wish you happiness and good luck until 2019. Refuel. Wish your “Happiness Express” through 3 generations and 3 generations. Happiness will last forever!
It’s the end of the year. It’s so busy. I’ll bring you the whole New Year’s goods. Send you a piece of old bacon, eat and wear one year without worrying; Send you a bottle of two pots of head, happiness and longevity all have; Send you a red double happiness, wish you joy!
The end of the year is here again, with the brilliance of 2018, to welcome the beauty of 2019. What is treasured is memory, what is forgotten is worry. Let the happiness of 2018 be in line with the happiness of 2019, and make life wonderful every day! uuuuuuuuuuu
The end of the year arrives again, bringing with it the splendor and the beauty of greeting. What is treasured is memory, what is forgotten is worry, so that happiness and happiness are in line, so that life is wonderful every day!
At the end of the year, I wish you: go out and walk to collect gold, sit in the house and stand on the Jade Cup, deposit US dollars on the way to work, receive the year-end prize after work, good things come together in pairs, every day, good luck, new day, the end of the year to offer sincere wishes, I wish you the most sincere! uuuuuu
The end of the year follows the arrival of the year. The year leads to the end of the year. Let’s lay down our tired bodies and listen to the silent pace. Those past joys and tears, let them come to an end here. Happy New Year 2019!
Best wishes from year to year and exchange messages this year. A few words of warmth, may you be warm and happy. Happy New Year’s Day in 2019 will come safely, and good luck will always accompany you. I wish you all the best, and the whole family will be happier and healthier. Happy New Year in 2019!
The snowflakes are flying all over the sky, ushering in the New Year. Let the long-lost hearts gather together. I deeply wish you a happy New Year! uuuuuuuuuu May my blessings melt the winter and warm your heart
Spend a busy year, leaving the ups and downs for last year; bring more harvest home, the wind, frost, rain and dew make a good year; sweet and sweet is in the New Year, happy to celebrate a Happy New Year! In 2019, everyone will be reunited, with happiness and good luck, to my dear friend’Bye the Early Years’!
Without sunshine, where comes the fragrance of the four seasons; without wind and frost, where comes the flowers earning fragrance; without health, where comes the bold life; without the new spring, where comes the chorus of thousands of families. Happy New Year!
Roses are my passion, candies are my taste, stars are my eyes, moonlight is my soul, together with you, my lover, happy Spring Festival!
Plum petals are auspicious and the courtyard is deeply rich. Carnival always makes people haggard. Fish and meat are not fattening in the new year. Three cups and five cups won’t be drunk. How can happiness be tired? Fireworks are bright and flying all over the sky. Life in the Year of Pig must be beautiful.* Happy New Year!