VUE:iOS and Android applications, mobile video capture and beautification tools

VUE is a mobile video capture and landscaping tool on the iOS and Android platform. It allows users to shoot video, import video clips, fine tune the expression, change the filter, add stickers and background music and other functions through simple operation. It is easy to shoot a large film on the mobile phone texture, real-time record and share students. Live.


VUE background
With the development of mobile phone cameras, more and more people begin to use mobile phones to take pictures and video. Video shooting is generally higher than the threshold of photography, but the amount of information transmitted by video is far greater than that of photography. VUE was born in such a context, hoping to use photography as simple operation, to help users shoot beautiful short video on the phone.
Main functions of VUE
VUE sub-shot: by changing the number of video sub-lens by clicking to achieve simple clipping effect, and clipping can let the video convey more information;
VUE Real-time Filter: 12 filters modulated by the film color experts are available for selection. Switching to the front-facing camera will result in natural self-shooting facial features.
VUE sticker: supports 40 hand painted stickers, and can also edit the appearance time of stickers.
VUE free frame settings: support for 1:1, 16:9, 2.39:1 three video shooting;
VUE share: support sharing to social networking.
VUE version update
The VUE1.0 version first released AppStore in June 5, 2016.
The VUE1.0.1 version was released in June 17, 2016 to optimize the fluency of video shooting.
VUE 1.1 was released and released in China on July 2, 2016, which added shooting time, background music and other functions. VUE Version 1.9.9, provides sticker sorting to help you find different styles and functions of stickers.
VUE influence and evaluation
VUE 1.0.1 was released and was recommended by AppStore in more than one country, including the United States.
VUE was recommended by the Silicon Valley technology site Product Hunt and received more than 160 votes from industry professionals.
VUE was found and recommended by the media recommended by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other places.
After VUE launched in China, it was recommended by App Solution, a minority, niche software and fan-friendly recommendation media.
After the release of the VUE1.1 version, 36 krypton reported the product and team of VUE.