Congratulations to the flowers greeting message message

As you happily look forward to all you’re dreaming of, may you be blessed with love and happiness forever!
Congratulations to you both and much happiness on your wedding day. May your love shine warmly forever.


Love is a dream shared by two. Marriage is the joy of the dream come true. May married life fulfill your dreams. Congratulations!
As you start your married life together hand in hand, may all the things you’re hoping for turn out the way you’ve planned.
The sweetness of sharing a dream made for two is one life’s greatest treasures. Wishing you both much happiness and a wonderful life.
To the happy couple, congratulations on this happy occasion and best wishes for everything good in the years to come.
Every good wish on your wedding day. Wishing you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true.
Marriage is a promise for two hearts to give―one word, one love, one life to live. Best wishes… today and always.
As your married life starts, may all the dreams in your hearts come true. Best wishes to you both.
Congratulations! May these two always be companions, dearest friends, and sweethearts―sharing ever more a love that never ends.
A marriage is a promise to help, to give and to take, to share one life together―a love filled promise means to keep loving forever.
My blessing, congratulations and good wishes. I wish you the best of everything for all the years ahead.
To the Bride and Groom, may good luck and happiness fill all your future days.
As you join your hands together and promise your true love, may you joyfully start sharing a future made for two.
To the Bride and Groom, may your marriage bring you happiness as unending as the circle of a wedding ring.
Congratulations to you both and may you always stay as happy and as much in love as on your wedding day.
Marriage is so much more than words can say. No wonder that I love you so and need you as I do.
Marriage is a look that says “I love you”, a smile that says “I care”.
May the joy you share on your wedding day be the kind you’ll share forever.