Valentine’s Day flowers greeting message

I’ll always call you “SWEETHEART”, because you’ll always be the dearest, most important person in the entire world to me.
You mean so much and I need you so, your love gives me the greatest joy I’ll ever know. I’ll take a lifetime to show how much I love you.
Every look…every kiss…every touch… I fall in love with you all over again.
The things you do, the joy you bring, the loveliness you show just make you special and such a joy to know!
You are always on my mind, I miss you
You are in my thoughts every minute of the day, in my dreams every hour of the night.
I Love You more than “Love”
Your kind and loving way, the thoughtful things you do and say, every gentle smile, make my life worthwhile.
Everything’s better whenever I know that you’re there somewhere in my life. I Love You
Sometimes i have trouble expressing myself, but i want you to know i love you.
I love you for all the wonderful things you are–and for the happiness we share.
I still haven’t found anything sweeter than you!
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
Love is smiling on the inside and out.
Think of me sometimes while mountain and ocean divide us, but they never will, unless you wish it.
Do You Really Know How Much You Mean to Me?
Love is a moment that lasts forever…
I was just thinking of you.
The Moon Sees Me Missing You
You’re everything to me.
Let’s make this weekend a great one.
Things just aren’t quite as fun without you.
Real love stories never have endings.